Seeking the next Equilibrium

December 2022

It's not what you think.
It's a little bit us...
This week I was looking through the old binder of service documents that I have that I imagine most people who served also keep. I know there’s some…

November 2022

Thanks for joining the journey with me on Substack. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have an audience. There’s no shortage of advice in life on the power…
A private space for us to converse and connect
I have two lessons. There are more...but I have two.
The essay I've been writing for 40 years....
I’m about 10 years behind most of the tech industry on reading Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs. I never watched the movies the book spawned…

October 2022

The beauty of so many people wanting the same good thing.
It’s hard to have a deep discussion about artificial general intelligence (AGI) without bumping up against some form philosophical exploration into…

September 2022

What I've Been Reading