Reasonable Essays is a blog and newsletter by me, Sean Patrick Hughes. The purpose of the blog, like the name, is pretty straight forward. There’s opportunity to help people explore ways to think about important or interesting topics without forcing them to sift through the loudest and most outrageous perspectives to get there.

About me: I’m a former Naval Officer and veteran and a current technology leader. I spent most of my 15 years on active duty deploying to Iraq and other CENTCOM theaters with SEAL teams but not as a SEAL. And I’ve spent the last ten years leading teams for a large Silicon Valley based technology company. Shortly after left the Navy I launched my first blog Chartwell West as a hobby. I learned two things. The first was that I loved to write. The second was that after a few million clicks and shares, people wanted to read what I’ve written.

I’ve moved to Substack as an experiment in upgraded platforms. If you’re reading this beyond March of 2021, than it’s worked.

About Reasonable Essays: If something is happening that’s of interest, I’m going to write my thoughts on it. Those thoughts are going to be a distillation of some of the better thinkers on the subject and my own broad experiences. The goal is to produce something that the average non-combatant in today’s online culture wars can feel comfortable chewing on to help them find their own way.

That’s it. That’s the blog…

…a small step towards a better world.

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Essayist. Writer. Former Naval Officer current tech leader. Special Needs Dad.