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Sean, great piece, thanks for sharing.

I find the concept of onism very easy to understand and appreciate. And at times lament that I just can't keep going until I have seen and experienced everything. That said, I feel very fortunate about all the places I have seen and all of the things that I have done. I'm pretty happy with the minuscule portion I can bear witness to by having experienced it vicariously or in the flesh. I think I'll just keep going until I can't go anymore, adding to the list as often as I can.

When I look up at the flight status board at an international airport, it really resonates that there are many places I haven't been. But I don't stress over it because there are many places I don't want to go to. I've often said to my friends and family that I have done and seen more things by the age of 30 than most people experience of a lifetime. I'm okay with just having passed through.

I think I'm a better person for having passed through much of the world. I have a wider and fuller understanding of how it all fits together. My closest friends often say I am not of my own culture. I have a certain disdain for Americans as I've been able to contextualize the American culture among many others in the world. It is still the best there is but we can do a lot better.

My story is useless and worthless unless I can convey it in a manner that enriches the lives of those that have not seen or done the places and things I have. I have been the beneficiary of those vicarious experiences and in willing to reciprocate as I can.

Thanks again for writing this piece.


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